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Today we are going to introduce you with Facebook API’s. There are various Facebook API’s available which lets you pull Facebook data and display on your own website Today we are going to tell you about how you can display your Facebook page Reviews on your website with proper authorization.

CORE PHP PHP Snippets Quick Tips

We as developers usually get complaints from our client that the Media files are consuming lot of space than they should on the server resulting in choking the bandwidth of the server which in turns make website slow to load the main reason for this is “Uploading of huge media files especially images by the users on the website”. Now there are 2 scenarios by avoiding uploading of huge images on the website.

CORE PHP PHP Snippets Quick Tips

Today PHP HURDLES presents the basic but highly efficient tutorial on how you can rewrite your project URL by using Htaccess file. Htacess do wonders when it comes to extending the functionality of a project without affecting the internal logic or coding part of your website.

CORE PHP PHP Snippets Quick Tips

Last time we shared how you can use Typeahead.js for creating Searchable and autosuggest input box. If you don’t want to use any external plugin then this tutorial will serve as a handy tool for you to Create an Auto suggested and Searchable input box Powered by AJAX & jQuery.


Hey Mates,

We are here with the fix to the most recent problem we faced while working on a CRM i.e TYPE CASTING Problem.

For those who are not aware what, TYPE CASTING is let us suppose a scenario where you have by mistake or intentionally used a Varchar Data type field for what supposed to be the Integer/Decimal field.

Codeigniter PHP Snippets Quick Tips

Many of our fellow developers had spend hour’s in searching for the right solution to remove index.php from Codeigniter (CI) URL’s like we did in our earlier stages of becoming an PHP professional.

Having index.php in your CI project is just like an unnecessary burden being carried out so let’s get rid of it without affecting our precious code.

For accomplishing the task a series of steps needs to be followed. Just follow these 3 simple steps and you’re done.

Codeigniter PHP Snippets Quick Tips

Hello Guys, I am sure you have encountered a situation where some of your script demands to be executed at a regular interval of time and I am sure you must have thought once to run it manually by hitting the URL once a day or once in an hour. In today’s automated era doing these things manually doesn’t make sense to me does it makes sense to you? Well, we have come up with the simple solution for this kind of problem by setting up the CRON JOB.

PHP Snippets Quick Tips

Hello guys! Today we will be going to talk about how to integrate CCAvenue Payment Gateway with you website.

People find CCAvenue as one of the mysterious integration process when it comes to internet tutorials so we are here to help you out from our own self tested integration processes.


Many of us have pondered over how to develop a custom User Role Management in Codeigniter. Well let me tell you there are a lot of stuff available over the internet but identifying the correct working code is simply a tough task. So today PHP Hurdles has taken the initiative to educate our fellow developers with self-explanatory custom working code which will help you to deal with the user management concepts which you can use in any of your CRM’s which is build over CI.

In this part, we will be going to simplify the equation by using FUNCTION BASED Access Control. With help of 3 MAGIC CONSTANTS functions namely __CLASS__, __FUCTION__ & __FILE__ .
So let us start


Most of us know that there are various useful external libraries present for Codeigniter. In this post we will explore how to implement CI Google Maps Library.

Many of you may have gone through a situation where you want to have google markers respective to the locations.So why do it in conventional way when you have got license to go for the Google Maps library in CI.

Let’s Explore the Google map Library.