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Hello, Mates, Recently we got stuck in a situation where we were unable to send the push notifications on an IOS device via IOS APNS built in a PHP Backend. We invested hours and hours to figure out what we were doing wrong, unlike others. So we gave it a thought and decided to post this situation and its hack/solution over the blog which would help all our newbies to get the notifications part done easily without any problems.   So Mates let’s start this tutorial.   As we know today push notifications are serving a major role in informing, intimating and educating the users about the offers deals, personalized message and much more so it has become the need of an era. So let us quickly look around how we need to implement IOS push notification part in PHP. Some prerequisite requirements which we need are. Certificates file with .pem extension which has been issued by your IOS developer while integrating the push in the App. Pass Phrase refers to the password used while creating the certificate. In more general it’s the certificate password which the IOS developer created it can be null also. IOS Device Key which is…

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I recently got stuck in a situation where in order to access the API I had to send the post request in JSON format to the server I searched for hours got many hacks but unfortunately, none worked but finally, I got success when I used CURL library to send the JSON request to the server.

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