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Many of our fellow developers had spend hour’s in searching for the right solution to remove index.php from Codeigniter (CI) URL’s like we did in our earlier stages of becoming an PHP professional.

Having index.php in your CI project is just like an unnecessary burden being carried out so let’s get rid of it without affecting our precious code.

For accomplishing the task a series of steps needs to be followed. Just follow these 3 simple steps and you’re done.

Codeigniter PHP Snippets Quick Tips

Hi Guys, We are once again here to help our fellow Developers with yet another interesting topic i.e. Dynamic Dependent Select Box powered by (jQuery, Ajax, PHP & MySQL).

In this tutorial, we’ll implement relational drop-down for dependent Country State City. We will make State options available to the user based on the Country he selects and similarly Cities based on the State he selects.

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Hello Guys, I am sure you have encountered a situation where some of your script demands to be executed at a regular interval of time and I am sure you must have thought once to run it manually by hitting the URL once a day or once in an hour. In today’s automated era doing these things manually doesn’t make sense to me does it makes sense to you? Well, we have come up with the simple solution for this kind of problem by setting up the CRON JOB.

PHP Snippets Quick Tips

Suppose there is scenario where you can whole heartily working on one of your ambitious projects and editor you are using in Notepad++ Though it’s a very awesome editor for the beginners to learn but it has one severe problem yes you got it right the CRASHING problem.

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