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If you ever visit a website, the major thing which you would be noticing is its speed. If the website is not performing well then there might be many issues, but as a visitor, you will not worry about it. As the same information is available on any other website, which is fast enough to save your precious time.

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I have heard many our new developer complaining about lack of good hacks & solutions they don’t get while facing Wordpress migration issue over the (Shared Server, Cloud Server, and AWS)

So we decided to take a step forward towards to provide you the procedure, errors hacks & solutions so you don’t have to go to multiple sites searching for the same thing again and again.

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Today I am sharing one of the problems or you can say a learning curve through which I went a few days ago. I was asked to “fetch all the latest blog from one of my client’s blog which was in Wordpress to his Corporate website Developed in Core PHP. Since the database for both were different and even on the different server”.

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Some of you may have faced the Form not submitting value instead they are redirecting (FORM tag disappearing) problem in wordpress though this problem is very small but its consequences are disastrous as it doesn’t let any of your forms to get submit instead it redirects your form to particular search page or sometimes to another page but the main purpose is not served . So in order to escape from this disastrous situation all you have to check out that if any of your form tag remained open in any part of your website . Due to this non closing form tag all other form’s get overlapped with each other Hope this post helped cheers!