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Hello, our fellow developers. We are back with yet another interesting case. Sending emails in attractive formats which would influence and enhances your brand identity seems a typical task to do but reality is totally different. So here we are sharing you the insights of how to send awesome formatted Emails through your websites and campaigns.


Hi Guys, We are once again here to help our fellow Developers with yet another interesting topic i.e. Dynamic Dependent Select Box powered by (jQuery, Ajax, PHP & MySQL).

In this tutorial, we’ll implement relational drop-down for dependent Country State City. We will make State options available to the user based on the Country he selects and similarly Cities based on the State he selects.

CORE PHP PHP Snippets Quick Tips

Hello Guys, I am sure you have encountered a situation where some of your script demands to be executed at a regular interval of time and I am sure you must have thought once to run it manually by hitting the URL once a day or once in an hour. In today’s automated era doing these things manually doesn’t make sense to me does it makes sense to you? Well, we have come up with the simple solution for this kind of problem by setting up the CRON JOB.

PHP Snippets Quick Tips

Suppose there is scenario where you can whole heartily working on one of your ambitious projects and editor you are using in Notepad++ Though it’s a very awesome editor for the beginners to learn but it has one severe problem yes you got it right the CRASHING problem.

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Hello guys! Today we will be going to talk about how to integrate CCAvenue Payment Gateway with you website.

People find CCAvenue as one of the mysterious integration process when it comes to internet tutorials so we are here to help you out from our own self tested integration processes.


Many of us have pondered over how to develop a custom User Role Management in Codeigniter. Well let me tell you there are a lot of stuff available over the internet but identifying the correct working code is simply a tough task. So today PHP Hurdles has taken the initiative to educate our fellow developers with self-explanatory custom working code which will help you to deal with the user management concepts which you can use in any of your CRM’s which is build over CI.

In this part, we will be going to simplify the equation by using FUNCTION BASED Access Control. With help of 3 MAGIC CONSTANTS functions namely __CLASS__, __FUCTION__ & __FILE__ .
So let us start


Most of us know that there are various useful external libraries present for Codeigniter. In this post we will explore how to implement CI Google Maps Library.

Many of you may have gone through a situation where you want to have google markers respective to the locations.So why do it in conventional way when you have got license to go for the Google Maps library in CI.

Let’s Explore the Google map Library.


Hi Many of you have came across a situation where you have to migrate your Magento website , from one server to another or from localhost to server. So this post is to assist you in migrating your Magento website.

So here we go


Some of you may have faced the Form not submitting value instead they are redirecting (FORM tag disappearing) problem in wordpress though this problem is very small but its consequences are disastrous as it doesn’t let any of your forms to get submit instead it redirects your form to particular search page or sometimes to another page but the main purpose is not served . So in order to escape from this disastrous situation all you have to check out that if any of your form tag remained open in any part of your website . Due to this non closing form tag all other form’s get overlapped with each other Hope this post helped cheers!