Use Google Translate & Make Your Website Multilingual

Hey, Mates Today we will learn about how to make your website multilingual by integrating Google Translate into your website.In today’s world website has expanded its reach to the global arena so translating the content of your website will provide users the flexibility to translate the website content at their own will.

So let us start and help you to know how you can achieve this functionality.

First, let us create a simple HTML Page with content in it.

file name: translate.html

PHP HURDLES Google Translate Demo

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Translate this page by selecting language from select box:


The second step is to create a space where we want to google translate box to appear simple create a unique id in your div tag like



The third and the last step is to call the jquery file for google translate and specify id where translate box will get appear like


//Use translatebox to make sure box appears where element is having id “translatebox”

//Call this file to initiate the translation box at given position


So that’s how simply we can make our website more powerful by having a multilingual feature in it.

Hope this snippet will help our mates to implement the translation functionality.

For working demo Download Here


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